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    award-winning novel of Alaska by Lesley Thomas

    social history of settlers on the Columbia River, by Nancy Danielson Mendenhall

     philosophy and art of aikido, by Eric Oberg 

    nonfiction by Alaskan fisherman and historian Nancy Danielson Mendenhall,  Nov. 2015

    Torvald: Memoirs of a Grandfather From Northern Norway

    a work in progress by Nancy Danielson Mendenhall and Lesley Thomas; includes socio-historical background of late 1800s/early 20th Century Arctic Norway and the emigration experience, photos, and illustrations by Lesley's grandfather Torvald Magnus Danielson

    (1900, Husvig, Norway - 1973, Seattle)


    The Otter's Ransom (trilogy)

    a work in progress by Lesley Thomas; a speculative fiction trilogy for young adult and adult readers (2018)


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    Lesley Thomas and Eric Oberg are the owners (and the entire workforce) of our micro-press

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    We used the logo of the original Far Eastern Press of Eric's grandfather, who published college textbooks in Seattle in the 60s

    Far Eastern Press at PNBA fair

    Our books in 2006

    Showing Moving Toward Harmony, Orchards of Eden and Flight of the Goose at Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association fair

    The Arctic Trading Post in Alaska

    author Lesley Thomas with Flight of the Goose in her hometown of Nome 

    two nonfiction books with Far Eastern Press

    After great success with her social history Orchards of Eden, Nancy published Rough Waters in November, 2015!

    Author event!

    in Nome, Alaska 

    Feb 24, 2016 in Nome,  Rough Waters

    Author interview 

    Nome Nugget, 2016

    And a write up of Rough Waters in Alaska Dispatch (Anchorage Daily News), Feb. 2016

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